Volcano Classic Vaporizer For Sale Now!!


Attention pot connoisseurs! Please check out my eBay listing for a Volcano Vaporizor, and consider placing a bid.  Normally I wouldn’t try to sell something here, but I’m broke and I need to make rent for next month.  It works just fine, but I’ve been clean and sober for over two years now, and I just have no use for it anymore.


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Massive Fractals by Joshua Guberman

Please check out my new Etsy shop!  (And maybe buy a print!)

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I have created a new tumblr account at an undisclosed URL

I will be going through my followers and the followed of this blog over the next few days.  So if you’re followed by a guy with an avatar of a guy who looks like me, but in a yellow shirt with a cap, it’s me!  I’d really appreciate you following back my new blog.  This one will most likely gather dust in a dark corner once I get the new one up and running.  Thanks!

EDIT: If your blog is password protected, and you’d like to follow me at my new URL (for whatever odd reason…) send me an ASK here and I’ll give you the new URL

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"Apparently, burning NH4Cr2O7 with HgSCN opens a portal to hell"

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I know I have some Opeth fan(s) in my followers list so I’m giving you something like a prototype here.

This has been made with my software Apophysis 7x in it’s version 16 which is in development right now. Apophysis 7x is an editor and renderer for something called “cosmic recursive fractal flames”, a form of fractal art. People around the world are creating artworks using it.

This particular image has been created using the (quite fractal-y Opeth logo) as a reference. All these streaks, all these details have been hand-modeled using fractal mathematics. The software is guiding you through this process.

If you want to give it a shot, click here. The software is absolutely free to use for everything you can imagine.

Oh, by the way - my name is George (also known as Xyrus) and you’re on my tumblr. Enjoy your stay.

Opeth + Fractals… Genius!

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This is why I need a real macro lens.

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Got 4 tickets to see Iron Maiden AND Megadeth on Sept. 8th in STL


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